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Cooking Equipment

Boiler(20) Planetary Mixer(114) Spiral Mixer(55) Bean Paste Mixer(7) Dough Mixer(20) Lying Type Mixer For Cookie or Dough(1) Stir Fryer(19) Cooking Mixer(20) Bowl Rotating Cooking Mixer(10) Vacuum Mixer(20) Double Axes Horizontal Mixer(2) Rotary Roaster(20) Horizontal Mixer(40) Stuffing Cooker(2) Steam Boiling Pot(1) Donut Fryer(4)

Bean Product Equipment

Bean Skin Remover(2)

Rice/Noodle Machinery

Sushi Forming Machine(20) Auto Cycle Type Rice Washer(7) Rice Washer with Soaking Installment(2) Vertical Rice Cooker(9) Sweet & Sour Sushi Rice Mixer(4) Rice Roll Making Machine(22) Sushi/Rice Roll Wrapping Machine(3) Semi-Automatic Seaweed Roll Maker(3) Seaweed Roll Slicing Machine(7) Rice Blender / Stirrer(8) Auto Rice Burger Maker(1) Serial-Type Seaweed Roll Maker(1)

Snack Food Equipment

Steamer(22) Warmer(4) Sifting Machine(5) Egg Tower Machine(1) Pineapple Cake Machine(1) Bread Slicer(19) Pizza Divider(7) Pizza Sheeter(8) Automatic Finger Spring Roll Production Line(11) Auto Pastry Sheet Making Machine(8) Filling & Encrusting Machine(5) Wonton Machine(8) Automatic Mammoul & Moon Cake Production Line(1) Samosa, Ravioli Filling & Forming Machine(5) Bagel Machine(6) Automatic Layer & Stuffed Paratha Production Line(1) Puff Pastry Machine(3) Boilies & Starch Ball Cutting & Rounding Machine(2) Automatic Dumpling Machine(10) Cookie Depositor Machine(6) Cake Cutting Machine(10) Cake Filling Machine(12) Cake Wrapping Machine(6) Auto Pastry Stamping Machine(2) Bannock Machine(2) Auto Pastry Aligning Machine(1) Pounding Machine(1) Dough Moulder(20) Automatic Encrusting Machine(10) Automatic Encrusting & Forming Machine(6) Dumpling ,Samosa & Ravioli Forming Machine(8) Toast Slicer(7) Steamed Bread Dough Pressing Machine(4) Automatic Cookie Shaper Machine(1) Automatic Cookie Making Machine(1) Steamed Bun Machine(1) Dough Proofer(9) Automatic Proof Retarder(2) Steam Kneader(4) Dough Sheeter(26) Dough Divider(15) Dough Rounder(4) Dough Rolling Machine(7) Twin Mixer(2)

Food Baking Equipment

Gas Oven(24) Rotary Rack Oven(20) Rotary Roaster Oven(4) Electric Deck Oven(13) Pizza Oven(21) Bakery Machine(1) Rotary Convection Oven(12) Deck Oven(7) Automatic Tunnel Oven(1) Drying Machine(14) Automatic Cookie Depositing Machine(4) Biscuits Forming Machine(4) Dough Cross Cutting Machine(4)

Meat Processing Machine

Meat Ball & fish Ball Forming Machine(10) Meat Grinder(32) Electric Meat Grinder(19) Meat Slicer(28) Frozen Meat Slicer(15) Bone Bandsaw(10) Skinning Machine(4) Meat Vacuum Tumbler(19) Poultry Processing Machine(5) Sausage Stuffer(33) High Speed Meat Cutter(2)

Candy Machine

The Whole-Plant Equipment Of Jelly(0) Chocolate Coating & Wrapping Machine(7) Soft Candy Machine(9)

Fruit/Vegetable Processing Equipment

Vegetable Washer(48) Vegetable Cutting Machine(31) Corn Cutter(12) Vegetable Dicing Machine(12) Vegetable Centrifuge(5)

Pollutant Prevention

Oxygen Absorber(9) Humidity Absorber(7) Odor Absorber(1) Clean Preserve(5) Cooling Bag(5) Alcohol Bag(5) Humidity Card(5)


Food Crusher(3) Pulverizing Machine(5) Conveyor Belt System(18) Vibratory Separator(22)